About Us


Mannat is an online apparel brand shop launched in 2019 that provides a beautiful mix of youthful, classy, and chic styles at very affordable prices. The product stands for power, trust, beauty and style. We, at Mannat, are taking an effort at the most affordable rates to include top notch production and fashionable designs. We're trying to make something for everybody, from regular wear, casual wear, semi-formal wear and formal wear. Team Mannat strives to supply the wardrobes with an immense range of prints, textures and patterns that will not only bring more life; they will be absolute head turners. Each article is made with love and a lot of consideration to satisfy your needs for fashion, trying to make it just as you would like to do it.

Mannat Clothing is made by two ambitious partners, who decided to work together to make a mark in Pakistan's fashion industry. Our aim is to be loyal to our customers and to provide them best quality service.

We feel that everyone deserves the greatest taste in fashion, so we use a distinctive colour palette, a wide variety of styles and premium fabrics that will not only improve your personal sense of style, but will also be simple on the wallet. So, to all of our wonderful clients, Good Shopping!